You do not need a referral to book a psychology session with CFC. However, if you do have a referral, you may be eligible for a fee rebate from either Medicare or your private health insurer. If you have any questions, please discuss this with us through the Contact page prior to booking your appointment.

Individual therapy sessions

Requires attendance of between 50-60 minutes for each session and customers can choose how many sessions they attend and how often they would like to attend. You can discuss this with the Psychologist at your initial session.

Fit and Proper person assessments, Weapons Act 1990 (Queensland)

Usually require attendance at one or two sessions, to enable the assessment to be completed. You will need to provide supporting documentation to complete this assessment and you can discuss this when you book your appointment time. You will need this to be completed in a short time frame, to meet the requirements of the Weapons Licence Unit in your respective state or territory. Please ensure you let us know the due date for submission of your assessment, when you make your booking.

Adult assessment for ADHD

Requires attendance at two or three sessions, to enable the assessment to be completed. You will need to provide supporting information to complete the assessment, and this will be discussed with you at the initial session.

Specific Psychological Assessment

If you require a specific psychological assessment for a diagnosis, please contact us and specify what you need, to enable us to confirm we can meet your needs prior to booking an appointment. Some psychological assessments require access to specific psychometric tests and we want to ensure we have access to the tests you need.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

EMDR is a structured therapy which enables the customer to focus on a trauma memory while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation (eye movements), which is then associated with a reduction in the symptoms associated with the traumatic memories.


The current recommended fee for an AAPi psychologist in 2023-2024, set the standard 50 to 60-minute consultation fee at $300. However, this is a recommendation only.

At CFC, the standard fee for each 50-60 minute session is set at $220 for fee paying customers.

Customers who are eligible for financially supported sessions through any organisation, will need to provide this information at the time of their booking, otherwise the full fee will be payable.

Additional Information.

Initial session

You will be required to complete a client details form. If you wear reading glasses or use hearing aids, please bring them with you to your appointment. You may need to provide photo identification, and this will be discussed with you if required.

Psychological service

The treatment process varies depending on both the customers needs, and any specific challenges presented. It requires active participation from the customer, both during sessions and outside of session times.

Initial assessment

The first sessions will usually focus on assessing your needs. Following the assessment, a treatment plan will be proposed, to meet these needs. Questions about strategies used, can be discussed at any time. You have the option to cease attending, anytime you choose.

Session times

Please try to arrive on time for your appointment. Your session time is yours and if you arrive late, this takes away from your time with the psychologist. Sessions will always finish on time, which is one hour after the scheduled start time for standard appointments.

Recorded sessions

CFC does not consent to sessions being recorded without prior discussion and agreement.


Reports can be provided if discussed and agreed upon, and these are charged at an additional fee to the standard session fee. Reports attract G.S.T.

Reports are different to review letters, which are completed and sent to the referring practitioner, as and when required. There is no cost for review letters as this is already incorporated into the fee for a standard session.


If an interpreter is required, a qualified interpreter should be pre-arranged when making your appointment for the duration of the session. A relative is not normally suitable for this important role.


Please do not bring children to your appointment. There are no child-minding facilities. The session may not be able to proceed if dependent children are brought to the appointment.

Support person

You are welcome to bring a support person to your appointment if you wish to.